The 68th Electronic Warfare Squadron

68th Electronic Warfare Squadron

The 68th Electronic Warfare Squadron (EWS) Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Reprogramming Center mission is to present FMS partners with electronic warfare mission data in direct support of Combat Air Forces’ and partner nations. The 77 personnel in the squadron work exclusively with foreign partners, supporting a variety of systems that are both fielded in the U.S. inventory and sold exclusively to FMS partners. The 68th EWS reprogramming mission requires detailed regional and technical analysis combined with intricate system knowledge to ensure mission data performs the same in testing as it does in a combat environment. The squadron members work closely with their foreign partners to facilitate future requirements so their mission data can be tailored to the ever-changing threat environment and define partner’s necessities to build future products.

To equip combat-ready Airmen to control and exploit the air.

To perfect the lethality and survivability of the US and its strategic partners by developing, testing, and delivering combat-effective mission data and full spectrum EW support.

The 68th EWS FMS Reprogramming Center consists of three flights: SWA, SWB and SWC. The SWA and SWC flights are made up of engineering and equipment specialist personnel, and provide mission data reprogramming for F-15, F-16, and E-3 aircrafts in support of 28 foreign partner nations. The SWB flight is made up of operational and staff support personnel consisting of Testing, IT, Software Development, Management and Budget Analysis, and Security and Facility Management.

Constituted as 68th Station Complement Squadron on 15 May 1943, activated on 20 May 1943, and disbanded on 15 Apr 1945.  Unit reconstituted and redesignated as the 68th Test Support Squadron on 9 Apr 1993 and activated on 15 Apr 1993.  Unit redesignated as the 68th Electronic Warfare Squadron on 13 Sep 1999.