NOW accepting resumes for ENGINEERS, COMPUTER SCIENTISTS, DATA SCIENTISTS, COMPUTER ENGINEERS, and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY of all levels. Bachelor's degree may be required for an accredited school. If interested, please submit your resume to
Information Technology (Systems Administration and Information Security): provides systems analysis and applications software design and implementation.

Electronics Engineer- provides professional electronics engineer responsible for installation, assembly, integration, and assurance of Electronics Engineering as it applies to Electronics Warfare Systems, Operational Flight Programs, and Airborne Systems.

Computer Scientist- provides developmental capacity, performing assignments designed to further develop application analytical and evaluative skills and techniques as necessary to meet the goals and objective of the Wing’s mission data software and rapid reprogramming mission.

Operations Research Analyst (Data Scientist)- provides professional scientific work requiring systematic, critical, intensive investigation into a subject to develop the principles, criteria, methods, and data to be used in support of projects or problem-solving studies.

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