350 SWG

350th Spectrum Warfare Group

The 350th Spectrum Warfare Group provides Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) capabilities for dozens of EMSO systems to 4 military services and 44 partners. The 350th SWG fields combat software to support and defend the warfighter across multiple AORs. The 350th SWG constantly tests and improves the U.S. Air Force's rapid reprogramming capabilities to ensure the 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing is ready for near-peer threats.

Deliver adaptive and cutting-edge EMS capabilities that provide the warfighter the freedom to attack, maneuver, and defend enabling tactical and strategic advantage across the range of military operations.

Allow the United States and Allied Partners to dominate the EMS. 

The 350th SWG is comprised of five Squadrons: the 16th Electronic Warfare Squadron (EWS), the 36th EWS, 68th EWS, 513th EWS, and F-35 Partner Support Complex; approximately 850 military, contractor, and civilian personnel. The Group staff itself contains thirteen of those members, including the Commander, Chief of Engineering, Deputy Commander, Senior Enlisted Leader, First Sergeant, Quality Assurance, and Executive Team.

The 350th SWG was activated on 25 June, 2021.