16th Electronic Warfare Squadron Emblem

16th Electronic Warfare Squadron

‚ÄčThe mission of the 16th Electronic Warfare Squadron (EWS) is to develop, test, validate, and field electromagnetic warfare capabilities for the warfighter. These capabilities enhance the survivability of our combat air forces in contested environments. Increasing lethality through survivability is our mission.

Rapidly deliver adaptive combat capabilities to link EMS survivability with CAF lethality.

The finest and most responsive EWS in the USAF.

The 16th EWS currently employs over 160 personnel across seven flights to produce mission products for the warfighter. Active duty Airman, Civilians, and Contractor professionals work together to accomplish our mission. As our mission continues to expand the 16th EWS will continue to grow to meet the needs of the warfighter.

Organized as 3 Aviation School Squadron on 9 May 1917. Redesignated 16 Aero Squadron on 31 Aug 1917. Demobilized on 22 May 1919. Reconstituted, and consolidated (1924), with 16 Squadron, which was authorized on 30 Aug 1921. Organized on 7 Dec 1921. Redesignated 16 Observation Squadron on 25 Jan 1923. Inactivated on 15 Mar 1931. Activated on 1 Jun 1937. Redesignated: 16 Observation Squadron (Medium) on 13 Jan 1942; 16 Observation Squadron on 4 Jul 1942; 16 Reconnaissance Squadron (Bomber) on 31 May 1943; 16 Reconnaissance Squadron, Heavy, Special on 12 May 1944. Disbanded on 12 Apr 1945. Reconstituted and consolidated (19 Sep 1985) with the 16 Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron (Special), which was designated on 24 Nov 1947. Organized on 16 Dec 1947. Discontinued on 1 Jul 1949. Redesignated: 16 Tactical Electronic War-fare Squadron on 19 Sep 1985; 16 Test Squadron on 9 Apr 1993. Activated on 15 Apr 1993. Redesignated 16 Electronic Warfare Squadron on 13 Sep 1999.