350 SWW

350th Spectrum Warfare Wing

The 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing consists of two Groups:  350th Spectrum Warfare Group and 850th Spectrum Warfare Group. The 350th Spectrum Warfare Group has the equivalent of five squadrons:  16th Electronic Warfare Squadron, 36th Electronic Warfare Squadron, 68th Electronic Warfare Squadron, 513th Electronic Warfare Squadron, and F-35 Partner Support Complex. The 850th Spectrum Warfare Group has three squadrons:  39th Electronic Warfare Squadron, 87th Electronic Warfare Squadron, and 453d Electronic Warfare Squadron.
The 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing was activated 25 June 2021 to support the consolidation and modernization of the Department of the Air Force electromagnetic spectrum enterprise and is responsible for providing operational, technical, and maintenance electronic warfare expertise for the CAF and for systems engineering, testing, evaluation, tactics development, employment, capability, and technology assessment. This includes the wartime responsibility for emergency reprogramming and dissemination of EW system mission data software for CAF aircraft. The wing manages the Air Force COMBAT SHIELD Electronic Warfare Assessment Program for CAF aircraft EW systems. COMBAT SHIELD provides operational units a system-specific capability assessment for their radar warning receivers, electronic attack pods, and integrated EW systems.

Deliver adaptive and cutting-edge electromagnetic spectrum capabilities that provide the warfighter a tactical and strategic competitive advantage and freedom to attack, maneuver, and defend.

Dominate the Electromagnetic Spectrum.