350th SWW welcomes new wing commander

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Anna Smith
  • 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing
The 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing welcomed its new wing commander during a change of command ceremony at Eglin Air Force Base, July 9.

U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Case Cunningham, U.S. Air Force Warfare Center commander, presided over the ceremony where Col. Josh Koslov relinquished command of the three-year-old wing to Col. Larry Fenner Jr.

“I believe that the 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing is one of the most important wings, not only for our entire Air Force but also for joint and coalition high end warfighting,” said Cunningham.

Koslov, who took command in 2022, oversaw the stand up of five units at the wing, including the historic 388th Electronic Warfare Squadron and 563d EWS, along with the initial detachments that are projected to become the future 950th Spectrum Warfare Group at Robins AFB, GA, focusing on the assessment of Air Force Electromagnetic Warfare capabilities to ensure the readiness of the Combat Air Force.

Under Koslov’s command, the wing conducted its first-ever internal exercise, Rapid Raven 24-1, which simulated 24-hour combat operations to evaluate the wing’s ability to sense and respond to changes in the Electromagnetic Spectrum and rapidly reprogram mission data files in a wartime environment, focusing on command-and-control elements.

“I’m humbled to serve in our Air Force and to have had the opportunity to command what I believe is the Air Force’s most consequential wing in our wars to come,” said Koslov. “To the Crows, you are the Air Force’s adaption to the technology of the day. The Achillies’ heel for the adversary which will lead us to slay them is the 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing.”

Taking command is Fenner, who previously served as the deputy commander for the 36th Wing at Anderson AFB, Guam, and who will serve as the third commander of the 350th SWW, which was activated in 2021 to modernize and consolidate the Air Force’s electromagnetic warfare efforts.

“I am thrilled to work with you and for you to dominate the Spectrum and win,” said Fenner. “No matter what corner of the world the threat comes from, we will continue to provide cutting edge full Spectrum capabilities and expertise to decimate our adversaries, so help me God.”

Fenner’s history includes serving as an electronic warfare officer in the B-52 community, leading as the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command electronic warfare officer and the Air Force Global Strike Command chief of bomber requirements.

“Rest assured, we will take this unit to new heights, and we will dominate the Spectrum and win, not because I say so, but because of this phenomenal team,” said Fenner.