Growing the Crow’s Nest

  • Published
  • By By: Staff Sgt. Ericka Woolever
  • 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing
EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- The 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing (SWW) recently opened the doors to 2,300 square feet of unclassified space, including 40 additional workstations, a 15-person team room, a break room with two additional floating workspaces.

“The Civilian Personnel, Military Personnel, Manpower & Organization, Training, Finance and Knowledge Management offices are moving into building 1321,” said Nicole L. Lee, 350th SWW supervisory civilian personnel program specialist. “The move provides each member of the team with their own workstation. It also puts all WSA offices within proximity of the 350th SWW Headquarters, improving communication, support, and execution of the wing's mission."

For the past few months numerous members had to “hot seat” or rotate with other members to use physical workspaces because there was not enough space available for all members.

Unfortunately, the new space will aid the 350th SWW physical limitations for only a short time as the wing continues to onboard more military, civilian and contractor members.

“The wing currently has 706 civilian positions on its unit manning document,” said Lee. “We are adding 56 additional civilian authorizations through FY25. In total we will have to fill 447 positions wing-wide.”

The positions that are projected to be filled over the next few years go beyond the WSA and encompass all units. While the workspace expansion doesn’t fix all the current facility shortfalls, it does represent a way forward for the wing as it continues to grow.

“The new building presents a unique opportunity for the wing,” said Lt. Col. Andrew Jerz, 350th SWW director of security. “As it stands, building 1321 is not currently designed to accommodate Advanced Programs and Sensitive Compartmented Information. However, this lack of secure space should not be seen as a shortfall but rather a chance for transformation. The current configuration of the building enables it to be a nexus of unclassified work, serving as a convening space for talented individuals working on unclassified systems within the 350th SWW.”

This milestone is a representation of a team effort that could not have been accomplished without the commitment of the 350th SWW facility mangers, security team, and members from the 96th Civil Engineer Group and the 96th Communication Squadron, whose work included providing electrical power, communications, ceiling retiling, plumbing and more.

Additional to forces on Team Eglin, the wing is coordinating with Air Combat Command (ACC).

“We are working closely with ACC to ensure the Air Force resources the 350th SWW with manpower and funding to build the Crow’s Nest,” said Lt. Col. Ajay Giri, 350th SWW director of staff. "Building our team and creating ample workspaces is all part of the Air Force’s refocus and reinvestment in its EW mission."

Accomplishing the Air Force’s EW mission includes the initial standup of the 950th Spectrum Warfare Group which is slated to stand up later this fall at Robins AFB, GA. In addition to a new group, the wing will also have new squadrons and detachments all requiring funding and facilities.

"With less-than-optimal workspaces, our Crows consistently demonstrate a remarkable resilience and unwavering work ethic," said Col. Josh Koslov, 350th SWW commander. “I’m proud of our members and their ability to accomplish the mission in the current conditions and both the wing and ACC are working hard to give our Crows the best that we can.”

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