350th Spectrum Warfare Wing Activates Wavelength Digital Service

  • Published
  • By Capt Jonathan Carkhuff
  • Air Combat Command Public Affairs

On July 19, the 850th Spectrum Warfare Group, the Research and Engineering component of the 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing, activated Wavelength, formally known as Detachment 1, at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland.

Wavelength is the 350 SWW’s digital service, which is a network of start-ups, or team of teams, that tackles key aspects of the digital arena to enable radical, but necessary, change. Wavelength is key to making the 350 SWW the Air Force’s first digitally-focused, 21st-century operational Wing.

As opposed to being a software factory, Wavelength drives different areas of software creation. It explores to identify new software solutions, enables the execution of new software, and educates the 350 SWW workforce to make sure their software development principles adhere to modern standards.

“Today’s strategic environment demands that we deliver game-changing EMS superiority capabilities at a speed and a tempo that are not just relevant to the warfighter but are deliberately hostile to our competitors,” said 850th Spectrum Warfare Group Commander Col. John Paul Mintz. “Wavelength will play a key role in this.”

Wavelength focuses on education and execution, equipping the Air Force with the technology, capabilities, practices, and principles to rapidly sense and respond to any change across the EMS.

It enables the 350 SWW to excel in a digital dominated war, anchored in technology and able to respond rapidly to change. Wavelength revolutionizes EMS operations by breaking technological and cultural boundaries to advance warfighting capabilities at unprecedented speed.

According to Col. William Young, the first of commander of the 350 SWW, “This ability to quickly adapt will make the United States the dominant presence in the EMS.”

Wavelength supports the Wing’s mission by equipping the 350 SWW with an adaptable organization to deliver EMS superiority and the capability to deliver services to warfighters.

The Air Force activated the 350 SWW on June 25, 2021, to accommodate the mission growth in electromagnetic spectrum operations, to include providing software and related capabilities to support airborne, space and cyberspace EW operations.