87th Electronic Warfare Squadron Emblem

87th Electronic Warfare Squadron

The 87th Electronic Warfare Squadron (EWS) is responsible for all aspects of Air Force's lead Electronic Warfare Assessment Program: COMBAT SHIELD. The program focuses on EW assessments for multiple airframes to ensure the operability and survivability of detection, warning, and countermeasures against Spectrum threats in contested environments. It accomplishes these assessments by assessing sensitivity, tolerances, and operability of EW systems on an individual aircraft basis. The program supports wings across 6 MAJCOMs and the AFFORGEN models prepare and ready phases.

Develop and execute the COMBAT SHIELD EW assessment program to ensure the combat readiness and effectiveness of USAF air assets.

Become the preeminent leader in spectrum warfare capability assessment and mission assurance, providing the USAF a competitive edge over the pacing threat.

The 87th EWS is comprised of 2 Eglin AFB based flights, 1 Nellis AFB based flight, and several additional key operations offices at the Squadron level. The Eglin Avionics flight prepares and executes the bulk of COMBAT SHIELD assessments’ aircraft related evaluation for east coast and USAFE locations. The Nellis Avionics flight prepares and executes the bulk of COMBAT SHIELD assessments’ aircraft related evaluation for west coast and PACAF locations. The Analysis flight supports cyber elements of COMBAT SHIELD assessments, develops new assessments, and supports engineering efforts for existing and developing assessments. The Operations element schedules, coordinates, and leads assessments.  The 87th EWS is a growing group of around 63 personnel with a background on Avionics of 7 different airframes, 5 different Cyber career paths, multiple in-flight support officer specialties, as well as a growing number of military and civilian engineers.

The 4487th Electronic Warfare Aggressor Squadron was activated on 1 October 1990 at Eglin Air Force Base. It was redesignated as 87th Electronic Warfare Aggressor Squadron on 1 December 1991. It Remained active for 5 years and was inactivated on 1 July 1997.  It was later redesignated 87th EWS on 10 May 2019 and activated on 17 May 2019 under the 53d Electronic Warfare Group, 53d Wing, United States Air Force Warfare Center, Air Combat Command. On 25 Jun 2021 it was then realigned under the new 850th Spectrum Warfare Group under the 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing when the 53d Electronic Warfare Group split from the 53d Wing to become the new 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing.