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850 SWG

850th Spectrum Warfare Group

As directed, the 850th SWG will support the 350th SWW’s mission to develop and deliver adaptive and cutting-edge Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) capabilities that provide the warfighter a tactical and strategic competitive advantage and freedom to attack, maneuver, and defend.

Deliver adaptive and cutting-edge EMS capabilities that provide the warfighter the freedom to attack, maneuver, and defend enabling tactical and strategic advantage across the range of military operations.

Dominate the Electromagnetic Spectrum

The 850th SWG is comprised of three squadrons and one detachment: the 39th Electronic Warfare Squadron (EWS), the 87th EWS, the 453rd EWS; approximately 350 military, contractor, and civilian personnel. The group staff itself contains ten of those members, including the commander, chief of engineering, deputy commander, senior enlisted leader, first sergeant, resource advocate, commanders support section/executive team.

The 850th SWG was activated on 25 June, 2021.